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After a child learns to walk properly, the first thing he/she demands for is bikes and bicycles because everybody aims for high. Bikes and bicycles are one of the most important and globally used means of transportations, which also provide recreational value, and have been used as children’s toy, general fitness, military and police applications, courier service and bike racing. We at, strive to provide every bikes and bicycle enthusiast with what they want; we provide wide ranges of bikes and bicycles for Nepali bikes and bicycle riders at very affordable range of prices. 

At Okdam, we are passionate about bike riding and believe that every bicycle enthusiast has different expectation from what they want from their bike and bicycle. If you are a bike enthusiast you might be seeking for different kinds of your need; you may want bicycles for kids, bicycle for boys, bikes and bicycles for girls, and many others. We are all at your service to provide you bicycles online at Kathmandu, Nepal at low prices. Whether you are searching for mountain bikes because you love to drive in terrains or you are just casual rider and searching for commuter or hybrid or urban bikes or you are a professional searching for racing bikes, Okdam has it all. We are quintessential online store serving you with to brands of bikes and bicycles at low prices. Enjoy our features of specifications of each bikes, compare and contrast them and buy them at no hassle from at the best prices. No matter what you are after we have the capacity to provide you bikes and bicycles in Nepal of your own specific needs. 

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