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When it comes to calculation humans trust calculators more than oneself because of its reliability and accuracy. Some calculations are next to impossible without the use of calculators which is why humans are consistently dependent upon calculators. has different kinds of calculators available at its online store from where you can grab different kinds of calculators online in Kathmandu, Nepal. We strive for providing all kinds of calculators mostly needed by humans for financing and solving mathematical problems and that is why we provide calculators like scientific calculators at best price for complex mathematical problems, basic calculators for general calculations and financial for different offices.

Calculators, which can solve complex mathematical problems in just a blink of an eye can be considered as the right hand of every people who need to participate on vast calculations daily. So, if you need some handy calculators that are easily operational, do visit the category of calculators at our online store, find wide range of calculators from widely known companies like Casio, Citizen, Orpat, etc. and buy calculators online from Casio calculator dealer in Nepal at very reasonable prices. Additionally, find engineering calculator online, Business calculator, Casio Graphic and Scientific calculator at OkDam. Depending upon the need of the users we provide 12 digits and 14 digit calculators from best companies at low prices. Explore the wide array of best quality calculators at low prices online at and make your calculations easier.


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