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Locks and Security

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Locks and Security Online Price in Kathmandu, Nepal at OkDam

Regardless of where you stay, whether you own a large business or small, security is a matter of concern of everyone. Keeping yourself safe from trespassers, shoplifters, robbers and tracking their activities are the major functions of locks and security systems. Ensure your safety with locks and security systems online from We have brought together toughest security systems with door looks and smart security surveillance system from top brands in Nepal. From door locks, padlocks, siren systems, automated security system, digital security locks to electronic security system, we have banded large number of smart locks & security in Kathmandu, Nepal for every household and business organization to secure their assets. We offer certified and flawless security locks for your doors hence, log into the official website of OK Dam, buy locks & security products at best price online in Nepal and turn your security system into smart system. 

Door Locks  Online Price in Kathmandu, Nepal at OkDam

Everyone is well familiar about the importance of door locks. Be it a house, a shop or small to large business organization, a door without a lock can never be guarded well. Door locks have been into existence since ages but what has improvised is the reliability with the availability of smart, reliable and unbreakable door locks. OK Dam hosts a large number of such door locks online that assures the complete security of your place. You can find keypad locks, door handle locks, automated door locks, smart door locks under our collection of best door locks in Kathmandu, Nepal. Sit at comfort at your home, make a selection of attractive door locks that fits well with the smart interior décor and your doors, and choose your favorite security lock from our online store. While you buy door locks at best price online in Nepal from our online store, make sure you check the price and product description for your satisfaction. 

Luggage Locks Online Price in Kathmandu, Nepal at OkDam

Whether we are travelling roadways or airways, one thing that bothers us throughout is our stuffs that we carry during our journey. Especially if we are carrying large quantity of our essentials, the breaking of luggage always makes us keep thinking about it. Luggage locks are strongly designed to secure your important stuffs while you are travelling. OK Dam caters with large collection of luggage locks online to insure safely transport of your valuables with easy shopping. Once you stop worrying about your luggage, then only you can enjoy every bit of your journey thoroughly, hence we believe luggage locks to be the quintessential aspect in packing bags. Get online, search for best luggage locks in Nepal at and get varieties of locks at most reasonable prices. Make your selection from 3-digit code combination suitcase locks, siren locks and other key locks and buy luggage locks at best price in Kathmandu, Nepal from our online store.


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