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OkDam is one of the leading Montessori Suppliers company in Kathmandu, Nepal. With an extensive experience in experimenting different designs and materials for several Montessori pre-schools in Kathmandu, OkDam is the best in business when it comes to every Montessori materials and accessories. Our services in the Montessori is marked by the supply of high quality and affordable Montessori classroom materials, Playschool materials as well as wooden furniture for Montessori such as benches, chairs, whiteboards, etc. and structured processes that attest to our unmatched value.

All sorts of games accessories and toys for Montessori needs are provided by OkDam. Just log on to and find a wide array of Montessori materials/accessories in Nepal, like all equipment and educational accessories for installing your Montessori preschool.

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