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Be it summer or winter, it is imperative that you protect your skin from harmful radiations of the Sun. Especially during summer, we get all dressed up in a way our skin has more exposure to the sun therefore, it is recommended to apply sunscreens and aftersun whenever you go out or stay at home. At OK Dam, you can find large collection of sunscreen and aftersun cream online so that you can take proper care of your skin. OK Dam ensures you with best sunscreen & aftersun in Nepal with protective factors against UVA and UVB, and broad-spectrum range with SPF 30 and plus. With our collection of sunscreen online, you can now step out of your house and enjoy the sun to the fullest. Do not worry if you have been exposed to sunrays, get aftersun online at and keep your skin from catching any damage. From best brands like Joy, Modicare, and others, you can buy sunscreen and aftersun at best price in Kathmandu, Nepal from our online store. 

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