• Huawei Band 4 (Fintess Band)

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Huawei Band 4 (Fintess Band)

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  • Specifications of Huawei Band 4
  • Brand: Huawei
  • Bluetooth:Yes
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  • Specifications of Huawei Band 4

  • Brand: Huawei
  • Bluetooth:Yes
  • Bluetooth Version
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Compatible Operating System
  • Android
  • Model:ADS-B29
  • What’s in the box
  •  Quick Start Guide, Safety Information
  • Product details of Huawei Band 4

  • Color screen and adjustable screen brightness.
  • Color icons and a more dynamic and vivid display.
  • Complete touchscreen and a home button control that is easy to use.
  • Belt clip design that keeps the band attached to your wrist.
  • Stopwatch/Timer
  • Find your phone using your band.
  • Changing watch faces.
  • Activity reminder.
  • Target setting and achievement reminder.
  • Heart rate monitoring and heart rate warnings.
  • Daily activity tracking and monitoring (fitness data such as step count, calories burned, and distance covered).
  • The duration of moderate to high intensity activities and standing status records.
  • Multiple workout modes including Outdoor run, Indoor run, Outdoor walk, Outdoor cycle, Indoor cycle, and Free training.
  • TruSleep (sleep status recognition and data collection).
  • Alarm reminders, including smart alarms and event alarms.
  • Notifications, with information about caller ID, SMS, emails, weather reports, calendar, and social media apps;
  • Remote photo shooting (only available on Huawei devices running EMUI 8.1 or later).
  • Band body (Length x width x height): 56 mm (entire length without the strap) x 18.5 mm (width) x 12.5 mm (thickness of the band body)
  • Strap width:
  • Strap length:
  • *Product size, product weight, and related specifications are theoretical values only. Actual measurements between individual products may vary. All specifications are subject to the actual product.
  • Resolution:
  • Size:
  • 3-axis acceleration sensor
  • Infrared wear sensor
  • Optical heart rate sensor
  • Charging time:
  • 7 days:
  • HUAWEI TruSleep™ is enabled, Heart rate monitoring (Smart mode) is enabled, Raise wrist to wake screen is disabled;
  • 8 days:
  • HUAWEI TruSleep™ is enabled, Heart rate monitoring (Smart mode) is disabled, Raise wrist to wake screen is disabled
  • 9 days:
  • HUAWEI TruSleep™ is disabled, Heart rate monitoring (Smart mode) is disabled, Raise wrist to wake screen is disabled
  • Screen is checked briefly 200 times a day, 50 messages a day, 3 calls a day, 3 alarms a day
  • Data is based on tests results from the Huawei lab. Actual battery life varies depending on your band’s configuration, operations, ambient environment, and how long the battery has been used.
  • *Typical value. Actual capacity may vary slightly.
  • This capacity is the nominal battery capacity. The actual battery capacity for each individual phone may be slightly above or below the nominal battery capacity.
  • Bluetooth frequency:
  • Bluetooth
  • Front cover:
  • Strap:
  • ROM:
  • ROM:
  • Flash:
  • Sensor:
  • Supports the 3-axis acceleration sensor.
  • Optical heart rate sensor
  • Infrared wear senso
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