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Midea Ceiling Cassette 2.0 ton Air Conditioner

Brand: Midea
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  • Nominal cooling capacity (BTU / kW): 24000 BTU (7.10 kW)
  • Nominal heat capacity (BTU / kW): 26000 BTU (7.60 kW)
  • Nominal cold consumption: 2475 Watts
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Model No.: MCd-24HRN1

Capacity: 2.0 ton (24000 BTU/hr)

Warranty: 12 months on Compressor, 12 months on Spare Parts & 12 months service

Installation Cost: Applicable as per standard rate.

  • Nominal cooling capacity (BTU / kW): 24000 BTU (7.10 kW)
  • Nominal heat capacity (BTU / kW): 26000 BTU (7.60 kW)
  • Nominal cold consumption: 2475 Watts
  • Nominal heat consumption: 2428 Watts
  • Operating Current (Heat/Cool):106.7/11.1 Amp.
  • Refrigerant Type: R410
  • Indoor Air flow (L / M / H): 822/1010/1220 m3 / h
  • Indoor Sound pressure (L / M / H): 39/40/42 dBA
  • Compressor Type: Rotary
  • Outdoor Sound pressure: 55 dBA 
  • Indoor dimension (WxHxD): 840x230x840 mm 
  • Indoor Panel dimension (WxHxD): 950x55x950 mm 
  • Outdoor dimension (WxHxD): 845 x 695 x 335 mm
  • Weight: 24 kgs (Indoor) / 5 kgs (Panel) / 53 kgs (Outdoor)

Midea great air conditioners and have enhanced performance due to their advanced engineering provided by one of the leading companies in the air conditioning industry. The air conditioner’s simple design makes it easy install, maintain and clean, all to help you save money. In addition, it is ideal for everyday use with features such as a remote control, air cleaning, heating and cooling. With 24000 BTU, this powerful split has an energy efficiency rating of A++/A+ so you don’t have to spend a large sum of money to stay cool or hot.

Evenly control temperatures with the 360 degree air outlet in Midea’s Compact Four-way Cassette Air Conditioner, offering strong air flow circulation to cool or heat every corner of a room.

  • The compact casing suits any room’s décor
  • Requires little space and is easily installed on even a low ceiling
  • Installation does not require a hoist
  • Seven air flow discharge patterns to choose from, in 2 to 4 directions
  • Sub duct and fresh air intake
  • A++ Efficiency Ratted
  • Adjustable Fan Speeds
  • Dehumidify, Cool, Heat and Circulate Modes
  • 4 Way Direction Air Vane
  • 24 Hour Programmable timer
  • Display remote control
  • LED Display and Wireless Remote Control
  • 24 Hour Sleep Timer



Low Ambient Cooling – With built-in low ambient kit and a specially designed PCB, the outdoor fan speed is automatically changed according to the condensing temperature. Cooling is achievable down to -7°C.

Temperature Compensation – This function helps overcome any discrepancies in temperature that can be found between the height of the indoor fan and controlled space. Helping provide a more accurate temperature control.

360° Air Flow Panel – 360 degree air outlet creates a soft and gentle air flow which circulates throughout the whole space, offering optimum temperature distribution.

Refrigerant Leakage Detect – This function automatically monitors the operating parameters of the system and stops the equipment from running if a refrigerant leak is detected.

Emergency Use Function – If a temperature sensor error occurs the unit will alarm and operate in emergency function mode until replaced. The system will continue to operate based on average readings from the previous days control.

Fresh Air – Outside air can be ducted onto the indoor fan coil to provide room occupants with fresh and healthy air.

Auto Restart Function – If the system is stopped because of power interruption it will automatically restart in the previous settings and mode when the power resumes.

Louver Position Memory – When you start the unit next time, the angle of horizontal louver will automatically move to the same position as you set last time.

Built-in Drain Pump – The inbuilt drain pump can lift condensing water up to 750mm.

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