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Bathroom Fitting Service in Nepal

All Bathroom products/accessories and Bathroom fitting onlineservice in Nepal at one place! OkDam is the leading online company in Nepal dealing with the supply of best quality Sanitary Ware products and Bathroom Fittings from world’s most popular brands.

Modular Kitchen Interior Designing Service in Nepal

Welcome to Nepal’s most trusted Modular Kitchen Interior Designing Service provider company. You can design Nepali Kitchen in the modern way with the help of OkDam, at cost-effective and user friendly approach.

T-shirt printing Service in Nepal

Design best custom designed half and full sleeve T-shirts for men, ladies and children in 100% Cotton and polyester fabrics, personalized with your logo, photograph, or quotes.

Safe Transfer & Installation Service in Nepal

Home security safes are picking up ubiquity as individuals see this as a necessary investment, which will enable them to keep their resources secure and give them a chance to breath lightly. A wide variety of choices are available in the Nepali market for light weight and reasonable safes for homes and work places.

Futsal Grass Mat Carpeting Service in Kathmandu, Nepal

Due to the growing popularity of Futsal in Nepal, numerous indoor Futsal House have been established in every communities and are creating a great business opportunity as well. Well facilitated Futsal Grounds with good quality Futsal Carpets/Turfs, lighting service and other necessary requirements are available.

Customized Furniture in Nepal

Searching for the best design custom furniture in Nepal? We have made it easier to customize the furniture you had always wanted. OkDam is Nepal’s trusted online custom furniture store located in Kathmandu with a group of expert furniture designers who vividly see every prerequisite concerning your favored style and design the furniture meticulously with just a glimpse of idea you provide.

CCTV Installation Service in Kathmandu, Nepal

In present days, security is of most extreme significance and it is much necessary to have wellbeing measures set up. Having security guards is a conventional practice, yet with creating newer technologies, various surveillance assets are made available.

Badminton Court Mat Carpeting Service in Nepal

Probably the most popular indoor game that’s played both as a casual or veteran basis in Nepal is badminton. Be it on a sophisticated Badminton Court with high quality Badminton Court Carpets or on the streets of your neighborhood, badminton never stops enjoying everybody, from young kids to the mid-age adults.

Fall Ceiling Modern Design in Nepal

Everybody cherishes an extraordinary first impression and the same falls true when it comes to our homes. At the point when our guests enter inside, we do our absolute best to fascinate them. With a Designer Fall Ceiling from OkDam, you can accomplish what you desire to have. Explore our variety of bright, audacious and artistic fall ceiling design in Kathmandu, Nepal, and be inspired by our aesthetic designs

Photo Framing Service in Nepal

Moments create memories; memories form a life! Life is when we have lived it with all happiness and beautiful recollections of special moments. We capture those special moments and keep memories for ourselves by framing them photographs. We want to save them for all eternity with the best design of frame, and thus we search for the best photo framing service available in the market.

Solar Power Panel System in Kathmandu, Nepal

Solar panels for home and commercial purpose, have evolved as the best alternative power solution in Kathmandu, Nepal in the recent years. By using Solar Power Panel System, we are going to have 24*7 power and save the electricity bills. Falsifying the myths that solar power can’t solve the evolving energy crisis, the solar power panels have aided in our various household activities like cooking, bathing, washing, etc.

Design of House in Kathmandu, Nepal

The designing of house is a mandatory process before we even proceed to the first step of building our house. With a creative and modern design of house, our dream of making a beautiful home will always come true. Designers of the time searched for approaches to make design easier and more simplified.

Optical Eye Glass Frame in Kathmandu, Nepal

Eye is the most valuable organ of our body without which our existence is literally futile. We just can’t consider the reality of not getting to see when there’s so much to appreciate and enjoy in life. But, due to our constant negligence and exploiting of the use of eye, we develop various physical problems when the power of the eyes starts fading slowly.

Power Backup System Service in Kathmandu, Nepal

Power supply system in Nepal continues to be unpredictable as the power failure up to several hours is being faced on a regular basis in Kathmandu valley. Hence, it is very challenging to perform our regular works and the installation of power back up system is inevitable.

Interior Designing Service in Kathmandu, Nepal

One of the major interior designing service provider company in Nepal is OkDam. We have a team of expert and experienced interior designers, with a keen vision of art and design. The online interior designing service in Kathmandu, Nepal from OkDam will provide you with a numerous opportunities regarding space planning, interior designing consultation, color selection and well-designed custom furniture, with a reflective blend of light and space making your dream of an aesthetically artistic home come true.

UPVC Windows and Door In Kathmandu, Nepal

UPVC windows and doors Service in Kathmandu, Nepal: Regardless of whether it is dust, heat and noise, or even security, OK Dam encourages you to keep the undesirable from entering in your home. It is also your desire that you keep your doors and windows stylish with modern design that influences your house to reverberate an elegant display at the same time.

House/Building Wiring Service in Nepal

Winding Wires is a mandatory essential to modern living in Nepal, with its wide range of uses influencing our daily lives every now and then. OkDam is one of the few online companies in Kathmandu Nepal with the ability, determination and approach to comply with the demands of Nepali customers in the electrical business in Nepal.

Office Partition Service in Nepal

Do you require another table to include to your work place or divide your cabins with partition furniture? Okdam has numerous alternatives of the most stylish and quality office partition ideas created by the best!

Wedding Car decoration Service in Nepal

Gone are those times when a bridegroom would come to wed the bride in a Doli or a Horse; all wedding ceremony take place in car these days. Not only it is deemed classier and luxurious to wed by decorating a car with flowers and other embellishments but also has been developed as an integral part of wedding in Nepal

Event Management Service in Nepal

OkDam is an online event management service provider company of Nepal run by a group of experienced event management specialists by working together with the reputed brand names in the industry. Our procedure of comprehending your objectives and organizing the event well ordered from the beginning to the end encourages us to accommodate any kind of necessity you might have.

Barista Training Service in Nepal

The Barista and online coffee training service providing company in Kathmandu, Nepal, is an online shopping website providing a wide range of services to address the needs and necessities of coffee industry in Nepal. Okdam offers premium barista training, espresso preparing and consultation on the scope of coffee business in Nepal.

Wedding Mandap Decoration Service in Nepal

Welcome to Nepal’s most trusted Wedding Mandap Decoration service provider in Kathmandu, Nepal. is a reputed service provider and offers exceptional Mandap Decoration services to our customers in Nepal. We thrive to mark every wedding that we manage, a memorable affair

Air Hostess Training Service in Nepal 

Has sky ever been the highest limit for you? Or would you like to wander in the sky just like Icarus did, but with stable wings? If yes, then air hostess training service in Nepal will equip you with the required wings. Air Hostess Training Course provides you with all the prerequisites and necessary motivation in order to excel in aviation and hospitality management.

House Painting Service in Kathmandu, Nepal

Best Painters and Painting Service in Kathmandu, Nepal; is a choice to make! A proficient house painting needs a planning prior to starting the painting work. Proper design, choice of aesthetic blend of colors, experienced and deft painters, all come into play when you desire to paint your house impeccably. House Painting Service in Nepal at

Web Design and Development Service in Nepal

Web Design in Nepal from is an online web design and development service providing company that offers responsive web design and websites in Kathmandu, Nepal in an affordable cost. Create every type of websites ranging from simple and cost-friendly website to creative commercial websites comfortably from our online web designing service.

Electronic Security Systems Service in Nepal

Regardless of whether you own a small business or a larger corporation, security is integral to the working of your company. Identifying shoplifters, counteracting robbers, keeping record of robbery, and tracking are a significant part of the security problems that you address often. Take full charge of your business in a safe condition with our coordinated electronic security systems.

Car Rental/ Jeep, Land cruiser Hiring Service in Kathmandu, Nepal

Owning a car is not easy in these adverse road conditions in Kathmandu, Nepal and it’s not a duck soup that anybody can buy a branded car or jeep in Nepal, specially being a normal family individual who struggles to make a living out of his/her profession. At OkDam, we give everything to let you enjoy your freedom to thrive for more.

Bike/Bicycle rental service in Kathmandu, Nepal

Riding on a bicycle is everybody’s passion. Whether to spin around the neighborhood or going out on a long ride with friends, bicycle is a fun filled vehicle. Cheap to buy or rent, portable, can go distance without any need of fuel, taking out bicycle while going out is safer and adventurous.

Construction Equipment Rental in Nepal is intending to be Nepal’s biggest service provider in leasing/renting of Construction Equipment, had practical experience in different class of machinery & equipment. We give a completely unique rental service with an option to buy.

Prefabricated (Prefab) Design in Nepal

Are you looking for an Economical housing? OkDam puts an immense pride in having top quality materials and being best Modular Prefab Homes in Kathmandu, Nepal builders. Modular Prefab homes are built without the quality of structure we desire. Customers are very much fulfilled of the products and services they receive. Through the innovative prefab designs in Nepal, houses are built speedily with longevity.

Tower Crane Rental Service in Nepal

Being a must on construction sites that require durable and high capability material handling solutions, tower crane rentals are the equipment of necessity. OkDam’s collection of rental tower cranes in Kathmandu, Nepal features a good variety of brands and models with changing hook heights, jib lengths and capacities.

Montessori Setup Service in Kathmandu, Nepal

OkDam is one of the leading Montessori Setup and Suppliers providing company in Kathmandu, Nepal. With an extensive experience in experimenting different designs and materials for several Montessori pre-schools in Kathmandu, OkDam is the best in business when it comes to every Montessori solution.

School Outdoor Play Equipment Setup in Nepal

As Nepal’s reputed and most trusted online company for providing School Outdoor Play Equipment, OkDam feels extremely proud to assist you with our services. We provide a complete solution of school playground equipment, toys, playground flooring, wooden playground materials and much more.

Trekking Gear Products Service in Nepal

Welcome to OkDam, your most preferred online mountain store to shop trekking gears in Kathmandu, Nepal from world’s top brands like Northface, Adidas, Suunto, Columbia, Nike, Salomon, Salewa, etc.

Steel Structure Design/Construction/Building in Nepal

Starting as a steel structure supplier, OkDam has spread its business within a large group of clients in Steel structure design, construction and building in Nepal. In the present time, we provide a comprehensive solution to the construction industry in the field of steel structural works.

Floor Carpeting Service Prices in Nepal

OkDam has been a carpet distributor and an online floor carpeting service provider company in Kathmandu, Nepal for a long time. We are a company that offers genuine service regarding design and services in floor carpeting business, and supply the best products and services at a reasonable rate to the customers.

Fire Safety & Fire Extinguisher Training in Nepal

Fire Extinguisher Training and services including fire extinguisher testing, maintenance, and repair to assist your fire protection needs. A good emergency response plan starts with proper training. Let’s face it; the best fire extinguishers maintained under the best service plan are worthless if your employees are not capable of operating them during an emergency.

Mala Framing Service in Kathmandu, Nepal

While you spend frugally during your special occasion such as Wedding or Bratabandha ceremony, a splendidly woven garland is likely a necessity. Framing the wedding Dubo Mala is like a tradition, which has grown over the last decade or so.

Wedding Photography and Videography Service in Kathmandu, Nepal

Having captured numerous corporate occasions, business photography, birthday gatherings and individual shoots, OkDam is determined in dealing with wedding photography and videography service in Kathmandu, Nepal at a high satisfaction rate.

Online Shopping in Janakpur

Yet another populated city in Central Nepal, Janakpur holds much welcoming prospect in online shopping. OkDam is extremely pleased to extend its online shopping service in Janakpur to offer you all the benefits and exciting deals

Aluminium doors and windows In Kathmandu, Nepal

A perfect alternative to replace the old wooden frames, Aluminium doors and windows complement your house the best with its modern designs and durability. OK Dam delivers notable Aluminium doors and windows online; from Aluminium products to trouble free installation service at very cheap rate everything under one umbrella.

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