• What is Beauty? - Eva Kipp

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What is Beauty? - Eva Kipp

  • Author: Eva Kipp
  • Paperback:  66
  • Language: English
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  • Author: Eva Kipp
  • Paperback:  66
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9789350761786
  • Size: 142 x 215 mm

When Eva Kipp was visiting a monastery in Sri Lanka she found an old book with 550 Jataka Tales that went back to the third century B.C. All tles in this book tell about the former lives of Lord Buddha. He adapted in each of these lives a huge diversity of roles, thus offering valuable lessons in wisdom.

Four stories with powerful messages were chosen for this book. They tell about the adventures of the ugly prince Kusa, the generous prince Vessandra, Kin Varuna with his jealous wife the kind prince Ananda. Through the tales, the reader may come closer to understand what beauty, generosity, jealousy, and solidarity mean in life.

The illustrations are inspired on the warm coloured paintings one can see in the various Srilankan Buddhist temples. 

The author studied at the Art Academy of Groningen, the Cinema Academy in Amsterdam, and at the University of Amsterdam in the discipline Cultural Pedagogy. 

She has carried out various assignments, and projects in different countries and warzones as an artiest, audiovisual expert, researcher, book maker and cultural pedagogue in Guinea-Bissau, Sri Lanka and Nepal. She has exhibited her art works in Europe and at various times outside Europe. 

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